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ISO Certification

Steps to Gaining UKAS accredited ISO Certification for your Business

Gaining UKAS accredited ISO Certification for your business may seem like an intimidating and daunting task, however once you have implemented your management system, the process of finding a suitable UKAS ISO certification body and planning your external assessment does not need to be.  At QECUK we ensure that we guide you through the process, explaining the steps and stages that are involved throughout.

Step 1: Application

The first step to gaining ISO certification is to head on over to our website and complete the certification application form on our home page or simply download and complete it here application form.  Once completed, email it to [email protected]. With a single sign-up form for all ISO standards, we have ensured that the process is made more straightforward. This will enable us to understand the nuances of your business and allow us to determine the level of complexity and risk associated with your organisation. Once reviewed this will enable us to understand the scope of assessment and what audit durations are required.

Step 2: Preparation of the proposal

Once you have provided all of the information, we will commence preparation of the proposal and quotation.  Here we can discuss the breakdown of the audit durations to ensure there is complete transparency.  This will mean that you have a comprehensive understanding of the processes and the costs and durations of each of the stage.

After accepting the quotation and proposal we will commence planning of the initial audit stages and choose an appropriate auditor.

Step 3: Assessment - Initial Certification Audit

Stage 1

The stage 1 audit provides us with a clear focus for planning the main on-site Stage 2 Audit. Your auditor will review your management system and recorded documentation. We will let you know of any missing or non-conforming detail and we will give you a fair opportunity to implement any corrective action before we move on to the next step (Stage 2).

Stage 2

This on-site assessment allows us to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of your chosen Management System(s). Throughout the audit, your auditor will verify that you are managing the processes & procedures in line with your business activity as effectively as is possible and meeting the requirements for certification to the standard(s).

All results and findings will be openly and transparently discussed and reviewed with the relevant people in your organisation.

Step 4: Certification Award

The Certification Manager will impartially review your application and all evidence submitted by the Auditor. Once a positive decision has been made you will then be issued a certificate package. Thereafter, your clients, prospective clients or interested parties can enquire at any time to confirm the validity of your certificate.

Once you have been issued your certificate you then enter into a 3-year cycle. 

Year 1 surveillance Audit – approx. 10 months after the certificate issue

Year 2 surveillance Audit – approx. 12 months after surveillance 1

Year 3 Recertification Audit – approx. 12 months after surveillance 2

Once the recertification audit has been completed you will begin a new 3-year cycle.


So as you can see this process is straightforward so why not head over to to start your certification process!