Why ISO - The Certification Process

Why choose UKAS Accredited ISO Certification in the first place, and how does the process work for my business from start to finish?

Why choose ISO Certification

ISO is a Trusted International Bench Mark

Most organisations and businesses are required to have independently certified ISO systems in order to Tender and Quote on new and often existing business. ISO is a Trusted International Bench Mark which offers confidence to those who have the responsibility of buying in goods and services as part of their everyday job.

There are many good reasons why forward thinking businesses and organisations invest in UKAS Accredited Audit and Certification of their internal Systems.

Whatever reasons you have for requiring auditing or certification services of your ISO management system, you can rest assured that working with QECUK Ltd will help you raise the standard.

Remember even if you are currently with another UKAS certification body, you may wish to change.  This can be done at any point during the certification journey and QECUK can look to take over your certification.

The Pro's

The pro's of acquiring an ISO Certification for your business...

  1. To meet customer demands for procurement criteria
  2. To open up new revenue and business opportunities
  3. To improve and stream-line company processes, service and product quality
  4. Increase and improve the customer experience and ensure consistent satisfaction
  5. Improve internal and external communications
  6. Develop a more professional working environment
  7. Raise employee confidence and morale
  8. Steadily improve the consistency and reliability of operation
  9. Good strong focus of Management and Employees roles and responsibilities
  10. Improve overall efficiency by reducing the opportunity for human error
  11. Reduction of costly waste
  12. Reduction in energy costs
  13. Improved Health and Safety
  14. Secure management of valuable information and data
  15. Internationally Recognised Certification

Auditing & certification at your convenience

Some businesses are put off seeking ISO certification because they think it will disrupt their business or they don’t have a physical site.

A simple risk assessment can be completed for any ISO certification audits allowing for the possibility of remote auditing as well as onsite auditing or even a blended approach of both.  This can reduce the overall disruption and improve the efficiencies of audits whilst still meeting the UKAS requirements.

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How the process works

Simple stages to getting certification sorted!

Scope of Assessment

Complete a Quote Profile Form to enable us to understand your company and requirements. Either complete the online profile form or download and complete offline and email it back to info@qecuk.com

  • Simply fill out our profile form
  • Just choose the sections for your chosen standards
  • We will review and come back to you
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Providing you a proposal

We will review and use this information provided to understand your risk and complexity and provide you with a proposal for certification including the costs and audit durations for the full 3-year cycle.  Once agreed your certification journey can begin.

  • Review profile form
  • Prepare formal proposal
  • Agreement for costs and audit durations
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Successfully Certified

You will follow a 2-stage initial audit process.  Once you have completed a successful 2 stage initial audit, you will be issued with a UKAS accredited ISO certificate valid for 3 years subject to annual audits...

  • Stage 1 – Desktop document review
  • Stage 2 – Evidenced based Audit
  • Certificate issued
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Good to know

Complaints & Appeals

On receipt of a complaint or appeal in writing to QECUK, we will pass the complaint to the PQAL Accredited Office, who will be responsible for dealing with the Complaint and coming to a conclusion, to be provided to the Complainant in writing. All Complaints submitted to PQAL will be subject to periodic review by the Accreditation Body, to ensure fairness and impartiality of the Complaints process.

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